Räpina United Methodist Church

About Us

In a year 2010 God led us to Räpina. We found there a group of old, dedicated and praying methodist members. This congregation has grown since that with several younger people. Last few years we have sought solution for the decayed church building.

In November 2017 we found a building, which history is redouptable. This building has brought  to Räpina during the russianization process and  was used as office-building, but originally was built as a church.

Present day we have a great desire to buy this building and restore as a Sanctuary, where to worship God and serve the needs of community.

We would like to be as “bridge builders” between people and God in local community. We want to be a growing congregation who worships God, loves the neighbor and makes disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our New Church Project

We Need Your Help 
To Make This Reality!

  • Become a partner
  • Come with the VIM team
  • Make a donation: any amount is needed
    You can send money to our account or write a check to World Evangelism,
    add Räpina New Church Building on the memo line.
  • Pray regularly
    We send you e-mail prayersheet

How To Send Money:

If you want to make a direct deposit, please use the following information:
Account no. EE912200001120267560
Name: Eesti Metodisti Kiriku Räpina Kogudus
Address: Vabaduse 1, 64506 Räpina, Estonia
Bank name: SWEDBANK AS
Bank address: Liivalaia 8, Tallinn, Estonia
Please indicate New Church Building Project
on the memo line

For More Information:

Project leader,
Rev. Ele Paju
(+372) 5214634